Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mid September QuickBooks News

New Features In QuickBooks 2011
QuickBooks Premier will have several new features in 2011.
  • Multi-Instance by the ability to be working in two different company files at the same time.
  • File manager - Manage all your clients QuickBooks files, user names and passwords in one place.
  • Balace sheets by Class - you can now create balance sheets by class.
  • will have a special blog announcement when QuickBooks 2011 is available for purchase.

Intuit Payroll 2010 Implements Payroll Update 21016

Intuit has released Payroll Update 21016 which includes changes to tax forms, tabes and program improvements. If your state hasn't made any recent changes, it's important that you download this payroll update so you can take advantage of the other included improvements. Make sure you have your automatic updates turned on.

Benefits of Starting a 401(k) Plan

  • You can cut your income taxes by up to $5,000 this year when you participate in a 401(k) plan. The tax money goes directly into your retirement account.
  • You get special business tax credits when you start a 401(k) plan for the first time. You can qualify for a $500 tax credit for each of the first three years of the plan.
  • You gain competitive advantage in hiring by having a 401(k) plan that gives you an edge.
  • Some of the advantages are low monthly costs, low asset fees so you keep more of what you earn for retirement, fund selection by a leading investment service, U.S. based support for any questions, and easy online access to manage your plan.
  • Mourningstar Investment Services, Inc. is designed for small business 401(k) programs.
  • A free copy of Intuit's 401(k) guide is available.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Septemer 2010 News

  • Most QuckBooks users are preparing their 2011 monthly budget in QuickBooks. This is a highly recommended practice that will allow you to compare your monthly actual profit and loss statements to your budget month and year-to-date.
  • Certified QuickBooks Advisors are now receiving the new QuickBooks for 2011. Users will be able to purchase this new edition very shortly. If your version is three years old, it will be time to purchae a new edition for support and proper maintenance.
  • QuickBooks released a new update for QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Simple Start, and Enterprise 10.0. If you have your system on auto update you should be on Release 8. This release include technology improvments addressing how QuickBooks works with 64 bit Microsoft Office applications. This revision also fixes some bugs which cause QuckBooks to crash when performing certain tasks.
  • If you are considerig QuickBooks training, refer to last month's blog and e-mail to setup an appointment for your training at your location and computer.
  • QuickBooks now offers multi foreign currency conversion to US dollar values and you can print statements in both your foreign country monitary funds and US dollars. You can pick the day of the month and the conversion factors.
  • QuickBooks has a client data review routine now to help users find errors in recording transactions. This is a very helpful tool that will identify errors before year-end and audits.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

August 2010 News

New Website Design: The website has been redesigned for a new look for QuickBooks consulting. We now have a full list of services and bookkeeping for our clients. The Authorized QuickBooks Affiliate Sales page contains all the QuickBooks products on-line. Most of these prices are discounted 15% off the normal retail prices. If you have questions about a product either call 602-762-6968 or e-mail Intuit does run sales specials and they will be posted to this blog for my clients. A product comparison page will be added to the website in August. Our domain was moved to Go-Daddy and the website is hosted on the Intuit Homestead server.

QuickBooks Training: ProStrategic offers QuickBooks training at your location and computer. The training program is two sessions of two hours per session with a set of written notes for the important things you should have learned and retained. We teach how to close your books in seven working days or less and how to file your reports for year-end handoff to your tax preparation firm. These reports and procedure should lower your year-end tax preparation costs approximately 20%. We also like to see our clients prepare a monthly budget in QuickBooks so you can compare your monthly actual results against your month and year-to-date budget. This process does serve as a motivator for attaining your plan goals. Some of the newer training helps clients with on-line banking in QuickBooks, client data reviews to find many common errors, proper setup of your system for payroll and payroll tax payments, and new QuickBooks input methods. QuickBooks has a much improved Report Writer Progam and we can make customized Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet reports. Training fees are $65 per hour and discounts are offered for Institute of Management Accountants members and Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce members.

QuickBooks System Setup: We find over 65% of our clients have not been setup properly. Some of these errors have cost clients a lot of money and yielded quite a few errors. With years of experience in accounting and being an Accounting Controller for over thirty years, you can be confident that we will set you up correctly, and teach you how to get the maximum tax advantages. We also teach you how to track your weekly performance so that you know where you are as the month progresses toward your planned budget.

QuickBooks Add-on Products: Please be aware there are over 10,000 software programs that can be added to your QuickBooks program to improve your performance and efficiency. ProStrategic is a member of the developer network and can find these Add-on Programs to improve your operation. We can do a search for the program you are seeking and narrow it down to the best three or four vendors. We then have you do a webinar with the finalists and get price quotes for the add-on program and implementation. We can assist you with this phase of the process. The normal fee for this type of search and implementation for an add-on program is a fee of $500 dollars.

It Is Time To Order Year-End Tax Forms: If you use year-end QuickBooks w-2 tax forms or 1099 forms, contact and you can save a lot of money in doing so. Many discounts are offered to ProAdvisors and we can assist you with saving money on these forms.

Quicken Products: If you need to purchase Quicken Products including TurboTax, contact Significant savings are available for these products.

Intuit Implements Hire Act in Payroll Update 21011. Intuit Supports the Hire Act Social Security Tax Exemption with payroll update 21011. Payroll has setup a step-by-step guide to help you setup a Qualified Employee. If you need this service, please give me a call or e-mail.

Intuit Payroll Releases Payroll Update 21012. This update covers the new Arizona Income Tax Withholding Rates, Hire Act Update, and the IRS Maintenance Alert for E-File Users. Arizona Withholding Tax will now be calculated as a percentage of gross taxable wages from Box 1 of Form W-2. The Form 941 has been updated. E-filing for Enhanced Payroll users will be available after July 1, 2010 due to IRS maintenance changes.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

May & June 2010 News

Quicken Discounts Are Back Thru 7/31/10:
Quicken Deluxe $20 off
Quicken Premier $30 off
Quicken Home and Business $30 off
Quicken Rental Property Manager $50 off

Intuit Statement Writer:
Free Webinar to demo how to save time and produce analysis of business performance for clients.
Create and edit professional reports and statements directly in QuickBooks using the live link to Microsoft Excel.
Save time updating data with one click.
Full refund after sixty days trial period if not satisfied.
You can call support team for 30 days at no additional cost.

International Have customers living outside the United States? Intuit offers the US version of QuickBooks for DOWNLOAD ONLY in the following countries:
United Arab Emirates
For a limited time, new customers can try Intuit Online Payroll FREE for 1 month , then 2 months at just $9.95 a month! Intuit Online Payroll integrates with QuickBooks, but is not required.

Payroll Updates:
21008 Update for tax tables and forms for several states.
21009 Update tax tables.
21010 Update tax tables and program improvements.
Hire act may offer you or your clients financial incentives for hiring new workers.

QuickBooks Online Plus adds new features:
Purchase orders and real time tracking.
Purchase orders open list.
Automatically update balance sheet and profit & loss reports when a bill is entered into QuickBooks.
Automatically track quantity on hand inventory and make adjustments if necessary.
QuickBooks now works Online with Mac, iPhone, Blackberry, and Android.
Fifo-based inventory cost accounting.

Credit Card processing security standards are tougher:
Effective July 1, 2010 recent changes require merchant services-enabled QuickBooks accounts to enhance credit card protection with stringent passwords to meet the Payment Application Data Security Standards. A maintenance release will be issued to handle these changes.

You should be on Maintenance Release R6P as of June 1, 2010.

If you are considering training, please refer to the blog below for the program and the benefits.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

ProStrategic February News

Intuit QuickBooks Payroll Release 21004 was available on 1/14/10. This release contains tax table changes and forms for federal and several states. You can prepare and print your employees W-2 forms and send their w-2 forms to Intuit's turbo Tax at no cost. This will also allow your employees to purchase Turbo Tax at a 25% discount.

QuickBooks Advisors have a new Network Diagnostic Tool for troubleshooting networks and multi user errors H202, H505, and the 6000 series errors for computers running on Microsoft Windows Vista or XP with QuickBooks 2010. 2009, 2008 or Enterprise Solutions 10.0, 9.0, 8.0.

Update Release 5 has made it possible to remove pop-ups in QuickBooks 2010 products. There is an instruction list to block these pop-ups from distracting your use of QuickBooks. Give me a call if you are having these problems, and I will asist you in setting these preferences.

QuickBooks 2009 Users and Enterprise Solutions 9.0 Users need Releases R9 and R10. These two releases correct sales tax report calculations and the sales tax liability report.

Professional Accountants Payroll Products if you are an accountant, Intuit is offering two payroll products. "Intuit Online Payroll For Accounting Professionals," and get the first three months fees free. The second product is QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll for Accountants," and this product is offered on, Online Shopping page.

QuickBooks Productivity Improvements
Art Galleries and clients that have inventories that increase in value, ProAdvisors now have a new method for adjusting these inventories.

Many Enterprise Solutions users are now reporting increased productivity using the new 10.0 version. Also, Premier can be purchase in blocks of five users up to 30 users.

When clients need a "Distributed Solution," many client businesses are best off using the online QuickBooks version that provides "anwhere, anytime" advantages. I have access to a PDF file handout if you would like to see these advantages.

A new law offers tax relief to military families. Two Pro Advisors have developed a client letter for clients married to a member of the Armed Services to avoid paying income taxes in the state they are currently living in. If you need this service, I can assist you in getting this information.

eSort is a new program for accountants to sort client's source documents using secure technology. This is a big time saver for accountants in tax season. This program is available from the Intuit website.

Clients using the Intuit Statement Writer program can save more than two hours per financial statement by customizing financial statements. Intuit has a free webinar series to instruct you how to make these time savings. For a limited time you may purchase Intuit Statement Writer and QuickBooks Premier for $299.90.

Intuit has created an online IRS tax calendar to help you remember important tax deadlines. The online calendar dowloads into your Outlook calendar or other calendars including online calendars (Google etc.) Call ProStrategic at 480-836-1781 if you need this service.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Late December 2009 QuickBooks Changes

  • Get 24/7 Tax Help in the Payroll Year-End Center - Be prepared for the upcoming tax season by visiting the updated Intuit QuickBooks "Payroll Year-End Center." It has clickable tax forms, a payroll calendar, and payroll alerts for updates, etc.
  • Make sure you get QuickBooks 2009 Release 10 - This release corrects released 9 sales tax report issues. Press Ctrl and the number 1 on your keyboard to see which release you are currently on.
  • Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 10.0 - It has 6 times the capacity of any other QuickBooks product, it has from 5 to 30 simultaneous users, it can restrict 115 user areas, and has unlimited technical support with 25 GB of online backup storage area.
  • Intuit QuickBooks Payroll Releases - Intuit QuickBooks Payroll releases payroll update 21001, updates 2009 withholding rates for Arizona, future effective dates for rates, and Intuit introduces 401K for small business. Ater June 30, 2010, AZ Department of Revenue will establish withholding tables to calculat AZ withholding tax amounts based on a new formula.
  • Microsoft announced it discontinued Microsoft Office Accounting as of November 16, 2009. It is a great time to migrate tyo QuickBooks products and payroll.

Monday, November 30, 2009

December 2009

QuickBooks Alert –QuickBooks 2009 Release 9 will be sent via automatic update on December 1, 2009. This is a very important update which improves data stability by taking advantage of a new Sybase SA10 patch. This update will improve speed of execution for heavy users.

Intuit No Longer Supports QuickBooks 2006 and older versions. This is a normal twilight procedure which supports the newest three year periods.

Special Sales Promotion – Purchase of QuickBooks Premier Accountant 2010 and Intuit Statement Writer for $399.95. This is a limited time offer. You will receive three months of technical support and one instance of assisted data conversion support.

Expense Reports Made Easy – A new powerful web application named Expensify makes paper receipts and expense reports a thing of the past. This program imports expenses from your credit cards, from your PDA phone, gets IRS-ready eReciepts for most purchases and submits a PDF expense report and receive reimbursements up to $10,000 dollars by direct deposit entirely on line. The Expensify program can be purchased from the new Intuit Workplace App Center at

Payroll Opportunities
1. Accounting Professionals can sign up for Intuit Online Payroll and get the first three months free of a year obligation. After the first three months, you may pay as little as $10.99 per month.
2. If you haven’t done so, a new QuickBooks payroll update #20922 is now available for download. This update includes changes to tax tables, forms and operation improvements.
3. Enhance Payroll Special discount For New Users – New customers will receive a 20% discount for purchasing enhance payroll for year service.